Consciousness, quantum physics, afterlife

A little bit of context and prewarning.

  • I am a deeply science rooted person. What follows here is pure conjecture.
  • While a lot of what will be said is controversial I feel strongly about saying it. What can and cannot be said is not my fault. Science, religion, people’s beliefs will always be a debated and fought over subject. Things that are widely believed and have been believed for a long time will inevitably get dogmatized. Religion is dogmatized, some science is dogmatized if having been around long enough.
  • Einstein has been proven right countless times…

Rocketry is definitely in vogue these days. There are many rocket companies developing small rockets that aim to reach space one day.

Rocketry, one may say, has transformed completely since the early days. An orbital class booster used to be single use only and spent very little of its time in altitudes where breathing air was an option. So obviously they used liquid propellant for density and performance considerations and carried liquid oxidizer for the same considerations. Although they have to carry oxidizer on board that remains a necessity for higher altitudes and overall performance.

This is not true the…

The Book

It’s commonly known that almost any species other than humans mostly live in the now. There is not much retrospection, introspection or foresight. For a fish if food is swimming in close proximity it can be captured and eaten. Fish vision even in clear water is very near only. There is no anticipating where the prey is going to be next. According to some studies large eyes in fish came before actually making the jump to dry land. The reason for this was sticking their head out of the water and look for insects as food. It’s not impossible to…

Let me start with a comparison of conventional security alarm systems and smart homes and express that there’s a disconnect between the two and not an evolutionary path let alone an upgrade path.

Conventional security alarm systems have a few distinctive traits

  • Armed and disarmed state
  • Motion sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Local alarm with sound, optional remote notification to security service or to the owner
  • Separate camera system with recording

Smart home security on the other hand leverages modern IoT technology

  • Security is just one of the goals, home automation is equally pronounced
  • Motion and sometimes person detection cameras…

Before writing the story of how it came to be I should first stick to what it is :) As the title states it is an Arduino simulator (with true and full simulation capabilities) built for iOS, built in Swift and adapted for the Swift Playgrounds app. Considering the likely readership there’s no need to explain Swift being the alternative programming language besides Objective-C for iOS applications. It’s also been open sourced but this is not our story here. Our story is more the essence of Swift Playgrounds being a Mac OS and more importantly an iPad app that is…

Meglehetősen véletlenül adódott, hogy az egyik első publikusan elérhető NB-IoT hálózatot kipróbálhattam. Amsterdamban voltam épp és elmentem egy IoT meetupra. A meetup témája az NB-IoT hálózattal való ismerkedés volt. Rövid háttérismertető után a rendelkezésre álló hardver bemutatása, AT parancsainak áttekintése, a szerver oldal még rövidebb érintése következett, majd át is tértünk a gyakorlatra. Minden 2–3 ember kapott egy-egy

kombót. Az arduino-ra csak egy UART passthru program volt rátöltve, tehát amit az USB-n összekötött serial konzolba írtunk, azt egy az egyben mint ha az NB-IoT shieldnek küldtem volna.

Nem akarták nekünk kicsit sem magasra tenni a lécet, ezért a szükséges AT…

Volt már olyan, hogy rohantál a buszhoz, villamoshoz, metróhoz és közben kellett volna használnod a BKK Futár appot? Kinyitod a telefonod, megkeresed az appot, megnyitod, megkeresed a megállót és csak utána látod az indulásokat. Ezt a folyamatot egyszerűsíti le a Budapesti tömegközlekedési widget modul Androidra oly módon, hogy mindig az aktuális pozíciód alapján mutatja a környékbeli megállók járatindulásait, mindezt applikáció megnyitása nélkül, közvetlenül a kezdőképernyőn.

Modul telepítés

Telepítés után az appot nem is kell megnyitni, csak megkeresni a widget modulok közt. Ehhez Android 5-től hosszan kell nyomni a kezdőképernyőre. Ekkor alul megjelenik a Modulok kihelyezésének opciója. A modulok listájában megtalálva ki kell…

It is a truth universally acknowledged that people are not always completely honest. Theft deterrence, asset security, protection, tracking is an important subject. And it’s not just asset protection but personal security as well.

Bluetooth based BLE beacons lend themselves as an obvious solution. Any beacon from any vendor can be used for the purpose although some have special features like motion sensitivity or button triggered notification.

Beacons are cheap, last a long time on a single coin cell battery. Their detection can be done in a variety of ways. iPhones, Android devices, Raspberry Pi equipped with bluetooth dongle. …

Beacons, iBeacons have proven their usefulness over the past few years. Overall millions of beacons have been sold by a great variety a vendors since their appearance and general availability.

Beacons are power an cost-efficient portable hardware solutions to tracking and finding assets. Most of them rely on the most popular nRF51822 chip made by Nordic Semiconductor. These chips require only a small number of other components in the circuit and are very power efficient, lasting months or even years on a single coin battery.

Also, innovation hasn’t stopped. Motion triggered and button operated ultra-thin, small and light beacons are…

IoT everywhere

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